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Its time to get excited

I always get excited at this time of the year thinking about the year ahead and all the things i want to get going on this year.

Growing as a person so that i can help others is always on my list.

I love to help and assist people to live life as the best version of themselves and to do that, I need to be living as the best version of myself.

That is no secret.

I always have my head in a book or am looking at a course of some type so that I can have a multi-framework of tools to use to have a more holistic approach to help people which is where the error lies with people and schooling. Its a one size fits all approach where as different children live in different ways.

By helping the person as a whole as opposed to trying to just assist with the presenting issue (for want of a better word) you will get a much better result which is going to last a lot longer than if you just treated the presenting problem and it potentially came back again a few months down the line.

Its no secreet if you follow me on social media that i love gardening. My number one garden pass-time is growing vegetables. I do all i can to grow it all from seed and then feed and nurture. I get great satisfaction from the whole process.

One big thing im working to get on top of is composting. I create the stuff but not always quick enough in my view. It seems to sit there in my home mead compost pile taking its time to convert from this pile of garden cuttings and paper/card and kitchen waste.

Its all a matter of quantities. Getting the right amount of carbon ( your browns are autumn leaves, pine needles, twigs, wood chippings, straw or hay, sawdust, paper (newspaper, writting/printing paper, paper plates, napkins, coffee filters) cotton fabric, corrugated card without shiny coating).

Greens are grass cuttings, coffee grounds and tea bags, veg and fruit scraps, plant trimmings, annual weeds before they have gone to seed, egg shel, animal manures (cow, horse, sheep, chicken, rabbit, but not dog or cat manure) seaweed.

Greens heat up the pile and allow the microorganisms in the pile to grow more quickly.

The browns are food mainly, for all soil dwelling insects that work with the microbes to break down the material in the compost heap.

Browns also bulk the pile amd help air flow through it, so its very much a balancing game which is very true of life.

We need to balance helping others grow and achieve as well as making sure we grow and achieve so that when we get the balance right we hit that sweet-spot of pride, fulfilment, and excitement.

Do you know where your sweet-spot is?

Have you been neglecting part of your life and feel out of balance?

Drop me a message to see how working with me can beneft your life.

Speak soon.

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