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Be Sow Mindful in the Garden

By far, one of the best things you can do to combat stress and anxiety is to get in the garden.

When your mind is racing and you can't get clear thoughts, what better way to slow it down and stop thinking about thoughts running through your brain than getting outside.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy.

Just getting out and pulling a few weeds or to water some pots, listening to the birds, feeling the leaves, getting your hands into the soil, smelling the soil, and what an amazing feeling of having the sun or the breeze against the skin on your face!

You're using all of your senses and getting yourself in the moment and being mindful and grounded. If you want to be truly grounded, take your socks off. No, I'm serious!

You don't have to miss out if you haven't got a garden though. You may have a balcony, in which case you can tend to pots on there. There is so much you can do in pots and make your balcony a beautiful little courtyard garden.

If you have no balcony then you could look into window boxes, which can really look wonderful outside your window and there are so many shallow rooted plants you can choose from for them.

Brighten up your life and windows and garden.

If none of this is an option for you, then just get out into a public space (maybe a local park) and get yourself relaxing to the sound of nature and have the feel of that grass or soil in your hands or under your feet.

What a truly wonderful way to spend some time .

Make sure to live life as the best version of yourself.

Contact me, I can help with that.


Steve McGough

Certified NLP Master Practitioner


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