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Meet Steve

Certified NLP Master Practitioner

Do you know that feeling when your little one picks up the winter sick bug at school and you start to panic... because if he gets it, you're going to end up being sick every time he's sick because of your phobia and all you can do is keep taking them tablets to try and stop it?


How about when you're driving to the supermarket and you suddenly have a lorry in the lane next to you? You just feel that you need to close your eyes. You grip the steering wheel feeling your palms getting sweaty, your heart wants to jump out of your chest. You're saying to yourself ' I can't stay next to this lorry!'


How about when you see a moth? You go right back to when you were younger and you thought a leaf had blown through the window and it landed in your lap. You went to brush it away and it flew. It was MASSIVE!! Your dad said not to worry cos it won't hurt you but you couldn't get out. It was flying around the room and you felt trapped. The moth dive bombed you like it knew you where scared.


Can you identify with any of those scenarios?

OR maybe you have one of your own.


Know that I can help you.


Do you want to live life as the best version of yourself?

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What is NLP?

NLP is a really useful tool for recoding certain thought patterns that control the way we remember and or, react to certain memories. It can be anything, no matter how big or how small you think it is.


The programme is completely tailored to you and what you would like the result to be. The environment is supportive and you will learn to think and feel positive about the future knowing you have everything you need inside.

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About Steve

Steve McGough is married and a father of two amazing boys, the youngest of whom has Autism and ADHD.


Steve has been battling M.E (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) since 2013 and has been a lifelong battler of chronic depression and anxiety.


Steve works a networking marketing business with his wife of nearly 20 years, which he started for its flexibility, since losing his job after his M.E diagnosis.


He wanted to earn an income around his health and to work around his home-schooled son, who has lots of appointments.


Steve has had a long interest in Psychology since attending a vocational course for a job and some of the reading material was about Psychology.


He went on to study NLP and chose to study a further course as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner as it went deeper into the subject and chose to use these skills to help as many people as possible live as the best version of themselves.

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